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York County Biographies    

Your Ancestors Could Be Hiding in New Places

bullet Ahl, John  
bullet Aiken, Alexander S.
bullet Albert, Jacob W.
bullet Albright, Isaac H.
bullet Albright, John
bullet Alexander, S. A.
bullet Alleman, Horace
bullet Allison, Abraham K.
bullet Althouse, Silas
bullet Altland, Alfred D.
bullet Altland, Henry
bullet Altland, Samuel
bullet Anderson, Benjamin P.
bullet Anderson, James E.
bullet Anderson, John
bullet Anderson, Joseph W.
bullet Anderson, John H.
bullet Anderson, John Harvey
bullet Anderson, Reed W.
bullet Anstine, Henry
bullet Armstrong, James A.
bullet Arnold, George P.

Arnold, George Washington


Arnold, Manasseh

bullet Beelman, Henry
bullet Cocklin, Eli H.
bullet Cocklin, Jacob
bullet Cocklin, John K.
bullet Dick, Edward
bullet Dick, Samuel
bullet Dietz, Henry
bullet Dietz, Henry
bullet Dietz, Peter
bullet Dietz, William
bullet Eichelberger, John
bullet Everhart, Henry M.
bullet Foose, David G.
bullet Forry, Henry S.
bullet Forry, Henry S.
bullet Fortney, Zachary Taylor
bullet Free, Henry
bullet Gable, Henry
bullet Gable, I. C.
bullet Gable, John W.
bullet Gable, S. M.
bullet Gallagher, William
bullet Garber, David
bullet Garretson, Jacob
bullet Garver, Christian
bullet Glatfelter, Luther S.
bullet Glatfelter, Samuel
bullet Good, David E.
bullet Good, Elias
bullet Gress, Henry V.
bullet Gross, George
bullet Gross, Michael
bullet Gross, Samuel
bullet Haines, William A.
bullet Haines, William O.
bullet Hake, Albert
bullet Hake, Frederick G.
bullet Hake, William J.  
bullet Hamme, John H.
bullet Hammel, William
bullet Hammer, Jesse
bullet Hammond, Hervey
bullet Hammond, J. C.
bullet Hantz, Charles F. & B. Franklin
bullet Hart, John M.
bullet Hartman, Anson C.
bullet Hartman, Jacob
bullet Hartman, John H.
bullet Hauer, Daniel Jacob
bullet Hawkins, John A.
bullet Hay, George
bullet Hay, Jacob
bullet Hay, Samuel
bullet Heckert, David
bullet Heiges, George W.
bullet Heiges, J.D.
bullet Heiman, Michael
bullet Heindel, E. W.
bullet Helb, Theodore R.
bullet Heller, John W.
bullet Heltzel, William
bullet Herbert, Felix C.
bullet Herbert, Thomas H.
bullet Herman, Jacob
bullet Herman, W. H.
bullet Herr, Edward R.
bullet Hershey, John F.
bullet Hess, George W.
bullet Hibner, Albertus
bullet Hiestand, William F.
bullet Hilbish, Henry
bullet Hildebrand, Charles G.
bullet Hinkle, Isaac
bullet Hoff, Henry
bullet Hoff, Samuel B.
bullet Hoff, Samuel M.
bullet Hoffheins, R.
bullet Hoffman, Amos
bullet Hoffman, J. O.
bullet Hoke Family
bullet Hoke, Daniel L.
bullet Hoke, Henry
bullet Hoke, M.
bullet Hoke, William H.
bullet Holland, Thomas
bullet Hollinger, Samuel F.
bullet Hose, William
bullet Hoshour, John H.
bullet Hostler, Joseph
bullet Houck, William J.
bullet Hummer, John
bullet Hursh, George R.
bullet Hursh, Jacob
bullet Hyde, John
bullet Hyson, Robert B.
bullet Ilgenfritz, Daniel C.
bullet Ilgenfritz, George W.
bullet Ilgenfritz, John E.
bullet Ilgenfritz, William
bullet Jacobs, Franklin L.
bullet Jacoby, John
bullet Jacoby, Lewis
bullet Jamison, George W.
bullet Jamison, James L.
bullet Johnston, William S.
bullet Jones, Asa
bullet Jones, H. C.
bullet Jones, Joshua R.
bullet Jordan, James C.
bulletKeech, D. Hayes
bullet Kimmel, Henry
bullet Kimmel, William
bullet Landis, Daniel
bulletLeese, David W.
bullet Mumper, Edward W.
bullet Mumper, M. J.
bullet Mumper, Michael B.
bullet Mumper, Samuel
bullet Mundorf, John S.
bullet Murphy, George B.
bullet Murphy, John
bullet Murphy, T. Z. H.
bullet Myers, Andrew J.
bullet Myers, David A.
bullet Myers, Edmund B.
bullet Myers, Eli D.
bullet Myers, Jacob
bullet Myers, John Andrew
bullet Myers, Peter A.
bullet Myers, Samuel
bullet Myers, Samuel B.
bullet Myers, Samuel M.
bullet Myers, Solomon
bullet Myers, William A.
bullet Naill, Mahlon H.
bullet Neater, Henry
bullet Neely, Thomas J.
bullet Neiman, John
bullet Nelson, Robert McCall
bullet Neuman, H. L.
bullet Noedel, G. W.
bullet Noell, D. K.
bullet Noss, Herman
bullet O'Hail, John
bullet Overmiller, Henry S.
bullet Palmer, Phineas
bullet Palmtag, F. J.
bullet Patton, John F.
bullet Pedan, Benjamin
bullet Peirce, Joseph
bullet Pentz, Edward H.
bullet Perkins, J. Turner
bullet Peterman, Jacob
bullet Pfaltzgraff, Henry B.
bullet Pfaltzgraff, John B.
bullet Pflieger, F. Marvin T.
bullet Plett, Cyrus
bullet Poff, David D.
bullet Porr, William S.
bullet Porter, Benjamin Franklin
bullet Prall, Cornelius
bullet Presaw, Henry
bullet Pressel, Henry W.
bullet Pressel, Lewis J.
bullet Prowell, William R.
bullet Pyle, Benjamin F.
bullet Pyle, David
bullet Quickel, David S.
bullet Quickel, Henry H.
bullet Rutter, George
bullet Rutter, Samuel
bullet Schisler, John S.
bullet Shaffer, George D.
bullet Shaffer, James William
bullet Shepp, John
bullet Smyser, Daniel
bullet Smyser, Edward
bullet Smyser, Michael
bullet Sunday, John C.
bullet Tanger, David S.
bullet Taylor, James A.
bullet Thoman, Aaron S.
bullet Thompson, Duncan A.
bullet Thompson, Archibald
bullet Thompson, Archibald
bullet Thompson, John B.
bullet Thompson, William
bullet Thompson, William
bullet Thomson, John A.
bullet Throne, Amos G.
bullet Toomey, Z. B.
bullet Trexler, Harry C. - Col.
bullet Trimmer, Ephraim A.
bullet Trone, Charles L.
bullet Trone, John B.
bullet Trout, James H.
bullet Tyson, Henry S.
bullet Umberger, I. C.
bullet Urey, George
bullet Vandersloot, John J.
bullet Venus, William
bullet Wagner, Edward F.
bullet Wagner, George C.
bullet Wagner, N. G.
bullet Wagner, W. H.
bullet Wallace, C. B.
bullet Wallace, Jacob R.
bullet Wallace, James W.
bullet Wallace, William
bullet Waltersdorff, E. K.
bullet Waltman, H. B.
bullet Wanner, Artreus
bullet Wanner, Nevin M.
bullet Wantz, John B.
bullet Warner, Christian
bullet Watts, Lewis Hyers
bullet Wengert, Daniel W.
bullet Wier, Daniel H.
bullet Williams, Jonathan
bullet Wogan, John H.
bullet Yessler, Emanuel
bullet Yinger, Charles H.
bullet Yinger, George S.
bullet Yinger, John S.
bullet Yost, Charles
bullet Yost, Jesse
bullet Yost, Jacob
bullet Yost, Peter F.
bullet Young, Charles
bullet Young, Hiram
bullet Zellers, Levi
bullet Zieber, William Knox
bullet Ziegler, Edward D.
bullet Ziegler, Frank A.
bullet Zinn, Francis S,
. . .
. . .
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