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Mercer County Biographies    

Your Ancestors Could Be Hiding in New Places

bullet Achre, David
bulletAlexander, B. S.
bulletAlexander, James S.
bulletAlexander, M. W.
bullet Anderson, David C.
bulletAnderson, William
bulletArbuckle, W. N.
bulletBailey, Henry B.
bulletBailey, T. S.
bulletBaird, Hugh
bulletBarnes, J. S.
bulletBarnes, P. P.
bulletBastress, D. S.
bulletBell, John C.
bulletBell, Samuel G.
bulletBlack, W. C.
bulletBlatt, H. S. - Hon.
bulletBorland, John R.
bulletBoston, Adam
bulletBower, Joseph
bulletBrandon, George W.
bulletBrown Family
bulletBuckham, Edward
bulletBuckley, Job
bulletBuckwalter, Samuel
bulletByers, James P.
bulletByers, William
bulletCaldwell, Thomas
bulletCanon Family
bulletCanon, John
bulletCanon, Samuel
bulletCarlon, Harry F. 
bulletCarver, C.
bulletChristley, A. U.
bulletClawson, W. H.
bulletClapp, John M.
bulletCooley, T. M. - Dr.
bulletCoulter, W. A.
bulletCourtney, Thomas
bulletCrawford, Luke Irwin
bulletCribbs, James
bulletCrill, John T.
bulletCross, J. L.
bulletCrossman Family
bulletDavis, J. P. - Rev.
bulletDavis, Samuel T.
bulletDavis, Washington
bulletDean, William S.
bulletDeForeest, Gershom
bulletDeForeest, Isaac
bulletDeForeest, William C.
bulletDilley, Charles H.
bulletDrake, Samuel
bulletDunn, Robert W.
bulletEberle, Jacob
bulletEdeburn, Albert
bulletElliott, T. S.

Emery, W. N.

bulletGearheart, Daniel
bulletGeary, Michael
bulletGiles, Henry
bulletGilfillan, James G.
bulletGilson, David
bulletGlendening, William
bulletGlenn, Archibald
bulletGlenn, James T.
bulletGlenn, John B.
bulletGordon, Benjamin F.
bulletGraham, Arthur W.
bulletGraham, James M.
bulletGraham, Robert M.
bulletGraham, William J.
bulletHamilton, D. B.
bulletHarrison, W. H.
bulletHaywood, B. J.
bulletHighbarger, Andrew
bulletHillier, Joseph Warren
bulletHosack, James
bulletHosack, John J.
bulletHouston, Thomas
bulletHouston, William
bulletHuff, Peter
bulletIfft, Jacob
bulletIrwin, James Perry - Rev.
bulletJackson, William A.
bulletJohnston, Arthur J.
bulletJunkin, Joseph & His Family
bulletKaufman, Henry
bulletKelly, George D.
bulletKennedy, Alexander
bulletKitch, Willis W.
bulletKnauff, Adam
bulletKnierman, Frederick



bulletLee, James Wilson
bulletLeese, David W.
bulletLoutzenhiser Family
bulletLoutzenhiser, David
bulletLoutzenhiser, Jacob
bulletLoutzenhiser, James S.
bulletLoutzenhiser, John
bulletLoutzenhiser, John A.
bulletLoutzenhiser, Joseph
bulletLove, Ezekiel W.
bulletLytle, James R.
bulletMasson, Philip
bulletMcBurney, W. T.
bulletMcCandles, James
bulletMcClure, R. J.
bulletMcConnell, Nathaniel
bulletMcCreary, John - Sr.
bulletMcDowell, Andrew J.
bulletMcDowell, James C.
bulletMcMillen, Hugh P.
bulletMcNeilly, John
bulletMears, Richard
bulletMelvin, Charles H.
bulletMelvin, John R.
bulletMelvin, Lester
bulletMichaels, James
bulletMiller, Freeman L.
bulletMitcheltree, William
bulletMontgomery, J. A.
bulletMoore, E. W. - Dr.
bulletMoore, James L.
bulletMorford Family
bulletMorford, Joseph
bulletMoul, Nicholas
bulletMunnell, Thomas P.
bulletNelson, J. W.
bulletNelson, John A.
bulletNelson, Joseph
bulletNewkirk, Henry
bulletNickle, Andrew J.
bulletNicklin, William
bulletOrr, Hiram
bulletOsburn, Ephraim
bulletPalmer, G. W.
bulletPerrine, Daniel
bulletPerrine, William H
bulletPettitt, Nathaniel Riley
bulletPierce, James - Gen.
bulletPorter, D. M.
bulletPotter, Austin
bulletReed, Thomas
bulletReed, William Ward
bulletRobb, I. H.
bulletRose, A. P.
bulletSimcox, William
bulletSmith, C. W.
bulletSmith, John W.
bulletTaylor, John
bulletThompson, M. W.
bulletTroy, H. W.
bulletTwitmyer, John H. - Dr.
bulletWelton, H. M.
bulletWilliams, Charles L. - Dr.
bulletWilliams, G. W.
bulletWinner, James A.
bulletYoung, Henry W.
bulletZahniser, Matthias R.
bulletZahniser, Montgomery John


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