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Crawford County

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History of Crawford County, Pa 1885  Read it on line at Free trial
Our county and its people : a historical and memorial record of Crawford County, Pa Read it on line at Free trial
Directory of Crawford County, Pa. for 1871-72 Read it at Free trial
Titusville and Meadville cities and Crawford County directory, 1897-98 Read it on line at Free trial
Crawford County cemetery records Read them online at Free trial
More Crawford Co. History Books


Crawford County Biographies    

Your Ancestors Could Be Hiding in New Places

bullet Adams, Charles F.
bulletAdams, Franklin
bullet Adsit, James
bulletAffantranger, S. J.
bulletAnderson, John C.
bulletAndrews, Fred G.
bulletAndrews, John
bulletAsh, John G.
bulletAsh, William G.
bulletAugust, Charles W.
bulletAustin, J. S.
bulletBarrett, Charles J.
bulletBates, Samuel P.
bulletBeach, L. C.
bulletBemis, F. H.
bulletBemus, Daniel - Dr.
bulletBenninghoff, George
bulletBidwell, James
bulletBishop, Fid
bulletBoileau, R. C.
bulletBole, William R.
bulletBoush, C. M.
bulletBoyle, Harrison H.
bulletBoyles, J. H.
bulletBrawley, J. B.
bulletBrecht, Christian
bulletBrooks, John - Hon.
bulletCalvin, A.C. - M. D.
bulletCarman, W. H.
bulletCarnachan, James - Rev.
bulletChurch, Alfred G.
bulletChurch, Gaylord Hon.
bulletChurch, Pearson Hon.
bulletClark, John M. - Col.
bulletCompton, John Brooks - Col.
bulletCompton, John Brooks - Col. 2nd bio
bulletConner, Leander Aaron
bulletCooper, J. A.
bulletCooper, M. S.
bulletCotton, Joseph C.
bulletCoyle, Hugh F.
bulletCoyle, Lawrence
bulletCraighead, Richard - Rev.
bulletCulbertson, John Hays
bulletCummings, Isaac W.
bulletDavenport, John
bulletDavis, J. P. - Rev.
bulletDavis, Samuel T.
bulletDavis, William Jr. - Hon.
bulletDelamater, George B. - Hon.
bulletDelamater, George W. - Hon
bulletDennington, C. J.
bulletDeRoss, D. E.
bulletDerst, Augustus
bulletDick, John - Hon.
bulletDickson, Archibald S.
bulletDickson, J. Collins
bulletDickson, William
bulletDobbs, M. Sr.
bulletDorrance, J. Ford - Col.
bulletDouglass, Joshua
bulletDoyle, Thomas J.
bulletDrake, Alonzo
bulletDrake, Levant J.
bulletDrake, Philo
bulletDreutein, Henry
bulletDunbar, A. L.
bulletDunn, David C.
bulletDunn, J. D.
bulletDunn, James J. Rev.
bulletDunn, L. D.
bulletEdson, L. F.
bulletEllis, Edward - M.D.
bulletFarnicorn, Charles
bulletFarrelly, David M.
bulletFelton, Ebenezer
bulletFerguson, James
bulletFleek, George Jr.
bulletFleming, Hugh Neely
bulletFlood, Harry C.
bulletFlood, Theodore L.
bulletForbes, William H.
bulletFoust, Charles E.
bulletFoust, David W.
bulletFrazier, James F.
bulletFuller, A.M.
bulletGable, Charles
bulletGehr, Samuel
bulletGehr, Tobias
bulletGibson, James
bulletGill, James D.
bulletGill, William
bulletGilmore, Samuel P.
bulletGleason, Norton L.
bulletGraham, James
bulletGraham, James C.
bulletGrayson, Thomas W.
bulletGroves, John R.
bulletHaas, John
bulletHall, Erastus W.
bulletHallock, Samuel T.
bulletHammer, John Sr.
bulletHampson, Joseph
bulletHannah, Joseph M.
bulletHarper, Mary Shellito
bulletHarper, Walter S.
bulletHartman, Henry
bulletHatch, Henry
bulletHays, Joseph C. - Col.
bulletHeiserman, W. E.
bulletHempstead, Ernest A.
bulletHills, Nathaniel B.
bulletHotchkiss, Elihu
bulletHotchkiss, Hiram
bulletHotchkiss, Lewis H.
bulletHotchkiss, Sheldon
bulletHuidekoper, Edgar
bulletHuidekoper, Frederic - Prof.
bulletHumes, H. J.
bulletHumes, James G.
bulletHumes, John M.
bulletJackson, William
bulletKean, John S.
bulletKepler, Samuel W.
bulletKern, Josiah
bulletKetner, David A.
bulletKnierman, Frederick
bulletLashells, Theodore B.
bulletLeberman, D. D. Rev.
bulletLewis, George
bulletLewis, Josiah G.
bulletLimber, John C.
bulletLindsey, James
bulletLittle, Watson W.
bulletLivermore, Abiel Abbot
bulletLogan, Thomas D Rev.
bulletLoveridge, Henry H.
bulletMagaw, Leon C.
bulletMagill, Charles
bulletManville, John Milton
bulletMatson, J. S.
bulletMcArthur, Emmett W.
bulletMcArthur, William
bulletMcCoy, John D.
bulletMcFarland, James E.
bulletMcGunnegle, George Kennedy
bulletMcGunnegle, William S.
bulletMcKay, Hugh G.
bulletMcLean, Charles Courtney
bulletMcMillen, William
bulletMeehan, James
bulletMellon, Alexander
bulletMellon, Andrew Jr.
bulletMichel, Enos
bulletMiller, Charles W.
bulletMiller, John W.
bulletMosier, Nathan
bulletMuckinhoupt, John
bulletMurray, W. S.
bulletMyers, Capt. Isaac E.
bulletNash, James
bulletNortham, Edward
bullet Oury, Adam
bullet Owry, Adam
bulletParsons, Edgar C. - M.D.
bulletPatton, Robert
bulletPeirson, Harry
bulletPentz, William
bulletPettis, S. Newton - Hon.
bulletPier, Selden E.
bulletPotter, Peter
bulletPower, Alexander - Hon.
bulletRalya, James
bulletRaydure, Stafford
bulletReisinger, J. W. H. - Col.
bulletReisinger, Roe
bulletReynolds, H. W.
bulletReynolds, John
bulletRice, Thomas Edward
bulletRichmond, A. B
bulletRichmond, D.S.
bulletRichmond, Hiram Lawton - Hon.
bulletRoberts, James D.
bulletRoddick, William
bulletRogers, Henry
bulletRose, Susan - M.D.
bulletRoth, H. B.
bulletRussell, Arnold
bulletScheafnocker, John
bulletScott, John N.
bulletShellito, George
bulletShellito, John A.
bulletShippen, Evans W.
bulletShippen, Henry - Hon.
bulletShontz, Perry
bulletShryock, John J.
bulletShyrock, James J.
bulletSidler, Heman A.
bulletSiverling, Christopher
bulletSmith, A. W.
bulletSmith, Alfred
bulletSmith, Daniel Jr.
bulletSmith, Daniel Sr.
bulletSmith, Gaylord
bulletSpaulding, Alonzo W.
bulletSprague, Edward P.
bulletStebbins, Robert L.
bulletSteele, H.
bulletSteele, O. B.
bulletStratton, Royal A.
bulletStrauss, John
bulletStriffler, Frank A.
bulletStull, Nicholas R.
bulletSweney, Joshua W.
bulletTerrill, Erastus J.
bulletThomas, Darius
bulletThomas, Wilson C.
bulletThomeier, William
bulletTotman, H. M.
bulletTrace, Andrew J.
bulletTrawin, George D.
bulletTyler, C. W. - Col.
bulletVeiley, Charles M.
bulletWaid, Francis C.
bulletWaid, George N.
bulletWaid, J. T. - M.D.
bulletWaldo, Calvin
bulletWaldo, Daniel C.
bulletWalker, John H.
bulletWalp, Andrew J.
bulletWatson, Lewis Findlay
bulletWeaver, C. H.
bulletWebster, Hiram
bulletWeikal, Daniel
bulletWenz, Philip P.
bulletWeter, G. W.
bulletWhite, Newell C.
bulletWiard, John Stout
bulletWiley, William
bulletWilson, Frank H.
bulletWilson, Henry Erb
bulletWilson, William
bulletWinter, Franz - Rev.
bulletWise, Samuel
bulletWoodruff, William M.
bulletWotring, Charles
bulletWygant, William C.
bulletYates, C.M. - M.D.
bulletYoung, Henry W.
bulletZimmer, Amandus T.
bulletZone, John W.
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