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Allegheny County Biographies    

Your Ancestors Could Be Hiding in New Places

bulletAber, O. E.
bulletAggeman, John J.
bulletAllen, Festus 
bullet Andrews, John
bulletBalzer, John 
bulletBecker, John L.
bulletBoyd, George Newton
bulletBrecht, Christian
bullet Burroughs, Hamilton S. - Dr.
bulletCain, John Herron - Col. 
bulletCochran, Robert
bulletCooley, T. M. - Dr.
bulletCrawford, Luke Irwin
bullet Daggette, Alvin St. Clair - Dr.
bullet Finney, James N.
bullet Forsythe, George B.
bulletGerber, George Henry
bulletGoldsmith, Harry
bulletGrossman, Philip
bullet Gumbert, John A.
bulletHall, Robert T.

Hays, Joseph


Herron, Samuel - Rev.


Houston, William

bullet James, Irwin
bullet Jenkins, Edwin B.
bullet Johnston, Edward P.
bullet Keys, John A.
bullet Kidd, Edward
bullet Kroesen, William B. - M.D.
bullet Lowry, Harvey
bullet Lowry, James Jr.
bulletLytle, Joseph
bullet McKee, Joseph - Dr.
bullet Miller, Andrew S.
bullet Mustin, William I.
bullet Parker, George B.
bulletParsons, John T.
bullet Philips, James Francis - Dr.
bullet Quinn, Bernard
bullet Reinbold, J. B.
bullet Reynolds, Robert
bullet Ringle, John & William
bullet Schwartz, James Ernest
bullet Sinnard, William & Eleanor
bullet Stevenson, Samuel
bullet Stevenson, William Marshall
bullet Thomas, Albert G.
bulletTrax, David L.
bullet Van Kirk Family
bulletVandergrift, Jacob Jay
bullet Wall Family
bullet Weiser, Samuel
bullet Willock, Curtis
bulletYoung, W. J.


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