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Reuben J. Butz   

REUBEN J. BUTZ, attorney-at-law, president of Allentown’s Chamber of Commerce, and president of the Allentown National Bank, is a son of Reuben Dresher and Mary Ann Butz. He was born at Butzdale, Lehigh County, January 18, 1867, and was educated in the public schools of Allentown. In 1883 he was graduated from the Allentown High School, and from Muhlenberg College with first honors in 1887. He studied law in the office of the late Hon. Robert E. Wright, and was admitted to the bar on June 20, 1889. As an attorney, Mr. Butz ranks high throughout the State. He is associated with Lawrence H. Rupp, under the firm name of Butz & Rupp. This law firm enjoys a clientele equal to and possibly larger and more extensive than any in eastern Pennsylvania.

Mr. Butz is a conservative, sound-minded adviser, and is honored and respected well by all who know him. His far-sightedness and intuition in business methods, as well as in his profession, have made him an ideal bank president and an able financial adviser.

Mr. Butz has been president of the Allentown National Bank since May 5, 1913, when he was elected to succeed L. M. Tillman. Since he has been at the head of this institution it has become one of the most successful banks in the East. Prior to this connection he had been trust officer of the Lehigh Valley Trust Company for a period of thirteen years. Mr. Butz has been solicitor of the Allentown School District for many years. He is president of the board of trustees of Muhlenberg College, and a trustee of the Allentown College for Women. It was Mr. Butz who piirchase4 the two farms, the original sites where these two institutions are now located.

When Allentown’s Chamber of Commerce organized in 1916, Mr. Butz was chosen president of the new body.

Mr. Butz first married Mamie Sehindel, a daughter of Rev. J. D. Schindel. She died, and later he married D. Florence Hahn, of Allentown. He is a member of several Masonic orders and other fraternal and social organizations.

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