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Philip K. Eaker    

EAKER, PHILIP K., was born in Northampton county, Pa., June 11, 1831. When five years of age he was brought by his grandparents to what is now Clarion county, and soon after was bound out to Philip Kratzer, who lived near Rimersburg, Pa. After serving as bound boy for seven years, he lived three years with his mother, who had, in the mean time, been unfortunate in marrying a man of intemperate habits. Owing to these circumstances, the boy’s opportunity of an early education was limited to four months in the common schools. After leaving his step-father, he followed chopping cord-wood, and driving team until 1849, when he engaged in mining ore for C. Myres, at Polk Furnace. In 1852 he went to Warren county and worked in the lumber woods for a short time. He then came back to Polk Furnace and engaged with J. N. Hethrington, at that time owner and manager of the furnace.

In 1854 Mr. Eaker left this place with five hundred dollars in money, and purchased a yoke of cattle, a wood sled, and a tract of wildcat land on the east bank of the Allegheny River, near where Oil City is now. While here he was engaged in clearing his farm and rafting on the river until 1857. About this time his step-father died, leaving his mother a poor and helpless widow. Philip then erected buildings on his property, moved his mother there and tenderly cared for her until her death, in 1863. He married Mary E. Sager, of Venango county, Pa., January 4, 1859. They have since had eleven children, only seven of whom are living at present.

Mr. Eaker’s wildcat farm proved to be oil territory. He afterwards sold it as such and bought, for $14,500, the property known as the James Sloan farm in Limestone township, where he is living at present. He moved on this farm in March, and. has since bought in that vicinity three other farms, amounting to about seven hundred acres in all, and also has purchased considerable property in New Bethlehem.

He united with the Salem Reformed Church in 1866, and has ever since been one of its most liberal supporters. He has also contributed liberally to the building of other churches, both at home and abroad, and to home and foreign missions. He has always been good to the poor, and was never known to turn the hungry from his door without something to eat. He is an excellent farmer, and takes an active interest in raising fine stock. He has a choice outfit of the latest and most improved farm implements, and has cultivated his Orchard and planted trees in his yard until he has an abundance of elegant fruit and a beautiful home.

History of Clarion Co., Pennsylvania: with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers, Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & Co., 1887, page 644-645. View image of this page of the book on line at - Free Trial  More Clarion County History Books  Search Hundreds of 1880s-1890s Pennsylvania County History Books for biographies and historical information on your ancestors.  View the book page images on line and print them out for your genealogy file!  Free Access to the old history books - plus birth & death records, census images and ALL other records at


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