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John J. Saltzmann   

JOHN J. SALTZMANN, of Saltzmann & Sons, brewers, was born in Alsace, France, March 7, 1828, and with his wife came to America in 1852. He learned the brewing business in Alsace and has followed it most of his life. In 1853 at Warren, Pennsylvania, he bought out a brewery, refitted and ran it about ten years. In 1862 he came to Oil City, and on Charley run erected a brewery establishment and conducted it about six years. He then for the succeeding twelve years gave his attention to petroleum. As an oil producer he was not so successful as he had been at producing beer. He therefore, in 1881, erected a small brewery on Palace hill. This concern was destroyed by fire in March, 1887, and the present more capacious establishment was at once erected upon its site. It has now a capacity of about fifty barrels per day and the consumption of the product attests its merited popularity. Mr. and Mrs. Saltzmann have living two sons and two daughters: Mary, Mrs. J. B. Reinbold of Oil City; Helen, Mrs. H. Riser of St. Louis; John J., Jr., and Albert, the two latter forming the junior members of the firm of Saltzmann & Sons. Helen, who was born in Alsace, died en route to America at the age of about twenty-one months, and Joseph died aged about three months. Mr. Saltzmann is a member of the I. 0. 0. F., and in politics is a Democrat. Helen Burghard Saltzmann, wife of our subject, was born in Sigalsheim, Alsace, France, May 10, 1829. Her father, Joseph Burghard, was a miller in Alsace, where he spent his entire life. Mrs. Saltzmann is the book-keeper and accountant for Saltzmann & Sons, and the skillful and expeditious manner in which she dispatches business attest thorough training and much native ability.

History of Venango County, Pennsylvania : its past and present, including its aboriginal history, the French and British occupation of the country, its early settlement and subsequent growth, a description of its historic and interesting localities, its rich oil deposits and their development, sketches of its cities, boroughs, townships, and villages, neighborhood and family history, portraits and biographies of pioneers and representative citizens, statistics, etc., etc.
Chicago, Ill.: Brown, Runk & Co., 1890, page 877. 
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