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George Washington Arnold    

ARNOLD, GEORGE WASHINGTON, cashier of the First National Bank of Clarion, was born on a farm in York county, Pa., November 5, 1820. At the age of seven years he was entrusted with the marketing at the neighboring stores of the lighter products of the farm. About the same time he began his school life, attending such schools as were at that time maintained in the county by individual subscription, before the establishment of the common school system of the State. As there were but three months’ school in the year, young Arnold’s educational advantages were very much limited, nevertheless by energy and perseverance, he acquired in a few years a good English education. The nine months of the year out of school were spent in the usual occupations of a farmer’s son. At the age of twelve years he followed the plow day after day in season. Thus alternating between three months’ schooling and nine months’ hard work, he remained on his father’s farm until sixteen years of age. In the fall of 1836 he became assistant teacher in the common schools, and receiving as recompense therefor the sum of three dollars per week. He paid for his boarding by working morning and evening.

In the spring of 1837 he removed with his parents to Clearfield county, Pa., and the following summer worked on the Musshannan and Packersville turnpike at one dollar per day and board. On the 7th of February, 1838, he left his home and went to Karthaus furnace in the northwestern part of Clearfield county, and engaged with Peter Ritner, the then superintendent of the furnace, as teamster and expressman. In July of the same year he was promoted to the position of weighmaster, and in the following December to that of salesman for the same firm. In February, 1840, he came to the village of Strattanville, Clarion county, and entered the employ of W. H. Lowry, with whom he remained until 1843.

In March, 1843 he married Hannah Smith, of Strattanville. They had born to them two sons and one daughter. The eldest son, James Turnar Arnold died July 18, 1877. Mrs. Arnold died January, 1879. From the date of his marriage in 1843, Mr. Arnold engaged in the hotel business at Strattanville. He removed to Clarion March, 1846, where he followed the mercantile business until January, 1865, when the First National Bank of Clarion was organized and chartered. Mr. Arnold was elected a director, and appointed cashier, a position which he has held continuously ever since. By his efforts and financial ability the institution has prospered, has paid five per cent. semi-annually on the capital stock, and has the confidence of its depositors and the public in general.

In the year 1867 the Carrier Seminary of Western Pennsylvania. was chartered, and Mr. Arnold appointed one of the trustees, and made treasurer. He was largely instrumental in the procuring of fine grounds and the erection of a large and commodious building for the seminary, and still takes an active interest in the educational and material interests of the town. The extension of the Pittsburgh and Western Railroad from Edenburg to Clarion was largely due to the energy and financial aid of Mr. Arnold. In June, 1883 he married Mrs. Maggie E. Barnett, of Pittsburgh, Pa., with whom he is still living.

History of Clarion Co., Pennsylvania: with illustrations and biographical sketches of some of its prominent men and pioneers, Syracuse, N.Y.: D. Mason & Co., 1887, pages 632-633.  View image of this page of the book on line at - Free Trial  More Clarion County History Books  Search Hundreds of 1880s-1890s Pennsylvania County History Books for biographies and historical information on your ancestors.  View the book page images on line and print them out for your genealogy file!  Free Access to the old history books - plus birth & death records, census images and ALL other records at

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