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Dorward Family    

The progenitor of the Dorward family in the upper end of Lehigh and Berks counties was John Dorward. He lived in the Perkiomen Valley and is buried at the Goschenhoppen church. Among his children were two sons, Daniel and John.

Phaon Dorward, son of John, was born May 9, 1823, died July 1, 1904, and buried in Slatington.  He was a slate worker and supervisor for many years. His wife was Polly, daughter of Daniel Sensinger, and they had eleven children: Sallie (Wife of Jonas Weiss); Charles; Amanda (wife of Henry Brey) ; Mary (died young); Fianna (wife of George Loch); Flora (wife of Ammon Dreisbach); Moses (of Emerald); Madina (wife of Oscar Measemer); Emma (wife of Frank Herman); Anna Senetta (died young); and Lucy (wife of Charles Hummel).

Daniel settled in Greenwich township, Berks County. He was born Jan 1, 1779, and died March 25, 1858. He married Maria Christina Arnold, born Sept 26, 1780, and died March 13, 1858. Both are buried at Grimville, in Berks County. Their children were: Ephraim, Joseph, Anna, Eliza, Charles, and Daniel. In 1801 he purchased a small farm, situated below Krumsville, and there he lived until his death.

John moved first to Northampton County, then to Heidelberg township, Lehigh County. He was born November 10, 1782, and died October 10, 1842, being buried at Heidelberg church. He was married June 21, 1803 to Rebecca Santee of Nazareth. They had eleven children, one of whom died in infancy, and were as follows: Sally (wife of Jacob Wilhelm), Hattie (wife of Tobias Deibert), Rachael (wife of George Wassum), Daniel and Charles (mentioned later), John, Thomas (lived in Monroe County), Lydia (wife of Frank Ferber), Phaon (mentioned later), and Peggy (wife of Samuel Paulus).

Charles Dorward, son of John, was born March 2, 1815, and died November 11, 1878. He was a member of the Reformed congregation of Friedens's church, where he is buried. He was a farmer and had the tract now owned by his grandson, Lewis (son of Alfred), near Slatedale. The barn on this tract was built by Charles in 1850, and the house was built by John Wassum in 1817. He was a prominent man and able violin player. His services were in great demand at the festivities of his day. His wife was Lydia Peters (a twin sister to Susanna Peters, daughters of Joseph Peters). They had eight children: Henry G. (born April 17, 1838, died January 23, 1899, married Flora A. Geiger, born December 18, 1843, died Sept 24, 1885); Senia (wife of Harrison Krum); Alfred (mentioned later); Susan (wife of Aaron Handwerk); Elizabeth (wife of Lewis Strahley); Wilson; Alvena (wife of Wilson Steel); and Charles O.

Alfred Dorward, son of Charles, was born on the Peters homestead in April 1845. He followed farming on the farm now owned by his son Lewis, near Emerald until the time of his death, July 12, 1906. In politics, he was a Republican and he held the office of township auditor for some years. He was a member of the Evangelical church and served on the Building Committee when Salems Church at Slatedale was erected. Later he became a member of the Evangelical Church at Emerald, which he served faithfully as class leader many years, and as assistant superintendent of the Sunday-school. He helped to develop the slate industry in which he was interested all his life. He was married to Caroline Mosser, daughter of Jacob and Susanna (Peter) Mosser. Three children were born to them: Missouri E. (wife of Willard Oswald) , Lewis A., and Susanna C. (wife of Thomas F. Beltz).

Lewis A. Dorward, son of Alfred, was born September 17, 1872, on the farm formerly owned by his grandfather. He worked on the farm until 1903, when his father retired and he started to farm for himself. Four slate quarries were opened on his farm and leased on royalty. He is a member of the I.O.O.F. and the P. O. S. of A., both of Slatington. He is a member of the Evangelical Church, which he now serves as steward and trustee. He is also assistant superintendent of the Sunday-school. He believes in the principles of the Republican party. He is now serving his fifth term as a school director, acting as secretary to the Board since 1903. In January 1892 he was married to Lillie M. Scheffler, daughter of Joseph and Mary (Peter) Scheffler, of Washington township. Eight children were born to them: Eva; Werley (a graduate of the Washington Township High School in 1908, and also a graduate of Schuylkill Seminary at Reading in 1912); Elsie; Harvey; Walter; Florence; Alfred; and Mildred.

Daniel Dorward, son of John, lived in Washington township on a farm later owned by Phaeon Dorward. The greater part of this land is now slate property. He is buried at Heidelberg church, where he was a member of the Reformed congregation. He was the father of the following children: Charles, Daniel, John, Lydia (wife of Tobias Deibert), a daughter married to Samuel Paulus, another daughter married to Mr. Wilhelm of Reading, and still another daughter married to Frank Ferber.

Daniel Dorward, son of Daniel, was born in Washington township. He is buried at the Unionville church. He was a carpenter by trade, and lived in Whitehall township. He was regarded as an expert in playing the violin. For twenty-three years he was the foreman in the boat yards at Lehigh Gap. He was married to Polly Roth, daughter of Peter Roth, and they had the following children: Eli; Benjamin; William; Joseph; Aaron; Hettie (wife of John Anthony); Sallie; Maria (wife of Lewis Fink) and Hannah (wife of Charles Graver).

Aaron Dorward, son of Daniel and Polly Dorward, was born in Washington township June 4, 1838. He followed the trade of painter for many years. In 1874 he built the house at Newside, where he resides. On May 6, 1860 he was married to Louisa Peter, a daughter of Andrew and Elizabeth (Hensinger) Peter. They lived in married life fifty-two years and have six children: James A., Wilson D., George P., Clara, Jennie, and Charles.

George P. Dorward, son of Aaron, was born at Newside, Lehigh County, August 2, 1878. In 1895 he started driving a baker team at Slatedale and he followed this occupation for upwards of eight years. In 1903 he entered the employment of the Lehigh Valley Traction Co. as conductor and on August 11, 1910, he was promoted to road officer, being regarded as a very efficient employee. He is a member of "Star of the North" Commandery, No.92, K. of M., of which he is a past commander, and of the K. of G. E. of Slatington. He is a member of the Reformed church. He is the manufacturer of Dorward's Cough Drops and candies in Slatington; also cattle powder, witch hazel, liniment, cough-syrup, corn-cure, and toothache drops.

James A. Dorward, son of Aaron, was born in Carbon County, January 7, 1861, and in 1862 was taken by his parents to Lehigh County where he came to work upon a farm until he was eighteen years old, then he learned the painting trade. From 1883 to 1891 he was employed by F.N. Peter & Bro., in putting up iron fences and fire escapes in Lehigh and surrounding counties. In 1892 he took possession of the Eagle Hotel at Schnecksville, and at the same time carried on the carriage works at that place. Later he conducted hotels at Newhard's and Coplay. Since 1899 he has lived at Allentown, following the painting business. In 1877 he married Sarah E. Geiger, daughter of Joel and Hannah Geiger. They have eight children: Bertha, Clinton V., Edwin C. (born in 1883, married Mary C. Kutz, and died August 13, 1912, being survived by his widow and one son, Theodore F.), Katie, Fred, Dora, Amey, and Helen R.

Wilson D. Dorward, a successful business man and prominent citizen of Lehigh County, painter contractor and builder at Allentown, was born in Heidelberg township, May 20, 1863, and educated in the common schools and in the Mauch Chunk High School. He worked upon a farm until his twentieth year then learned the painting trade, and after working as a journeyman for six years he married and moved to Pleasant Corner where he resided four years with Nathan and Sallie (Bittner) Wuchter, who were the grandparents of his wife, and after the grandparents died he bought their homestead of 13 acres. He continued to reside there and followed the painting trade until December 8, 1905, when he sold the property and moved to Allentown, where he has since resided, at No. 37 South Madison Street. he is associated with Frank P. Mertz in the contract and building business, trading under the name of Mertz & Dorward. He also carries on the painting and paper hanging business, employing from 25 to 30 men. As a fresco painter he decorated many churches in Allentown and throughout the county. Mr. Dorward and family are members of Trinity Reformed Church, which he served as deacon, trustee and treasurer. Socially, he is a charter member of Central Lodge, No.636, I.O.O.F., and is a past grand of the lodge, and for fifteen consecutive years served it as treasurer; also a member of the Odd Fellows Encampment. After locating at Allentown he was appointed mercantile appraiser for the county and he served that office with marked ability. He is a Republican. On May 19, 1888, he married Alice J. Schaffer, daughter of Phaon and Ellemina (Wuchter) Schaffer of Lowhill township.

Clinton V. Dorward, fresco artist, decorator and painter of Slatington, Pa., was born in Heidelberg township, March 7, 1881. he received his preliminary education in the public schools, then studied art in the Franklin Institute and the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, both of Philadelphia; and he also studied under Ella S. Hergesheimer, the famous portrait artist. With this preparation, he followed portrait and scenic painting through the South and Middle West for two years, then he resumed his studies in the New York Trade School, of New York City, and was graduated from that distinguished institution. In 1902 he engaged in the painting, paper-hanging business at Slatington, with his place of business at Second and Franklin streets. Owing to his rare talent he is frequently called upon by leading decorating and frescoing houses to do special work for them in different parts of the country. He and family are members of the Reformed church. In 1901 he married Bertha M. Benner, daughter of Charles and Amanda (Rex) Benner, late of Slatington. They have four children, Ruby M., Roy B., Arlene, and George.

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