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DeLong Family    

One of the most interesting strains among the Palatinate emigration to the new world, and especially to eastern PA, is that of the Huguenots. These French Protestants (Reformed) after the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes, fled to Switzerland, to the Palatinate and to Holland, whence many of them finally came to PA, and quite a few settled in Lehigh county. Dr. W. H. Egle says of them: "The Huguenot emigrants as a class have furnished a larger number of men of eminence in proportion to their number, than any other nationality. So strongly marked where their characteristics that neither time nor amalgamation with other races has as yet extinguished the traces of their high moral sentiments and love of liberty from the character of their descendants. Among the many Huguenot families of eastern PA the DeLong and allied families stand out prominently. The exact date of their arrival is uncertain. According to the New England Genealogical Register, there lived in Ulster county, NY, in 1711, a certain Francis DeLong, the father of four sons. He is said to have been a native of Ulster county.

Peter DeLong, the ancestor of the DeLong's of Berks county, migrated form Ulster county, NY, to PA, and settled in Maxatawny township, Berks county, (then Philadelphia county), in 1738. A patent for 186 acres was granted to him June 27, 1738. He was married in 1722 to Eva Elisabeth Weber, a daughter of Jacob and his wife, Anna Elisabeth Weber. Mr. Weber was a member of the famous Rev. Joshua Kocherthal Colony, which settled in Duchess county, NY, in the spring of 1709. In a record of the colony made April 20, 1710, we find the following mention of him and his family: "Jacob Weber, aged 30, husbandman and wine-dresser; his wife Anna Elisabeth, 25, their children Anna Maria, 5; and Eva Elisabeth 1." The land selected by Peter DeLong was a level tract of land, well timbered, a few acres of the original forest are still standing, and well watered, is rich and productive. He, the pioneer, toiled and struggled clearing the land and building a house and rearing a God-fearing family. Near the close of his life, October 8, 1759, this pious Reformed Huguenot gave two acres of land for an Evangelical Reformed Church and school house, not only for a short period, but as long as the sun and moon shall shine in the heavens and the rivers run down to the sea. It is therefore, not without reason that from the loins of this plain but God-fearing settler have sprung a long list of staunch Protestant heralds of the cross. he died about 1760 and his remains and that of his wife no doubt repose in the cemetery of the church of which he is regarded as the founder.

From the different records of will, church books, tombstone inscriptions, family Bibles, and baptismal certificates, the following genealogical table has been constructed: Peter DeLong, and his wife, Eva Elisabeth Weber DeLong, had the following children: John, Henry, Jacob, Michael, Abraham, Barbara, and Frederick.

John DeLong son of Peter, was born in Ulster county, NY, March 27,1723, and removed with his parents to Maxatawyny. On April 4, 1749 he was married to Maria Catharine Dussinger. She was born in Nassau, Germany. He lived on a part of the old homestead now owned by James DeLong. On the fly-leaf of the old German Bible still in use in DeLong's Reformed church at Bower's Station appears his name under the date of November 27, 1767, as the purchaser of the same on behalf of the congregation and his name also heads the subscription list, subscribing 5 shillings. During the Revolutionary War he espoused the cause of freedom and on May 25, 1777, appeared before esquire Samuel Ely and swore allegiance to the new government. He died November 22, 1813, and was buried on the congregational cemetery at DeLong's church, where also the ashes of his wife and many of his descendants repose. To him and his good wife were born 5 sons and four daughter: Johannes, John Nicolaus, Anna Maria, Anna Margretha, Joseph, Peter, Moses, Eva Elisabeth, Cathrine, Captain DeLong, of the ill-fated Jeanette polar expedition was of this line.

Moses DeLong, son of Johannes, resided on that part of the old homestead was known as the Grim farm. He was anxious to have his children learn English. He erected a log school house on his premises and employed an English teacher. To this school came pupils for miles to learn English, it being the only English school in that section of the country. This building has long disappeared but the public school district is still known as DeLong's district. He was the father of seven children, of whom Joseph, Levi and Lydia, went to NY; Jonathan, to Massachusetts; Abraham to Illinois; and Catharine and Margaret lived in Allentown. Of the above, Joseph still survives, residing in Brooklyn, NY Recently he celebrated the 100th anniversary of his birth.

Joseph DeLong, son of John and grandson of Peter, was twice married, the first time to Susanna Weber, of Upper Milford township, Lehigh county, by Rev. John Henry Helfrich, May 17, 1795. She was born September 4, 1775, and died August 26, 1808. She was survived by: Joseph, who was married to Anna Wetzel and had two daughters, Carolina Heston and Harriet Hummel; Elizabeth, married to Daniel DeLong; and Jacob. On May 16,1809, he was married to Susanna Butz. They had issue: Catharine, Francis, and Jane.

Jacob DeLong, son of Joseph and grandson of John, and great-grandson of Peter, was born on the old homestead March 27, 1803, and was married May 1, 1836, to Sarah Schaeffer, a daughter of Philip Schaeffer, of Richmon township, Berks county. He was a life-long farmer and resided near Topton, Pa. He was accidentally killed while hauling lumber from Allentown for the erection of a horse-power shed, October 23, 1851. Mrs. DeLong survived her husband many years, living to be 92 years. Their ashes repose on the family plot at the DeLong's Reformed church, of which they were faithful members. Their union was blessed with four children: Joseph; Alfred; Philip; and Elizabeth.

Joseph DeLong, son of Jacob, was born near Topton, February 11, 1837. At his baptism the grandfather, Joseph DeLong, was godfather. When the officiating minister inquired as to the name to be given to the child, instead of giving the which the parents had selected he gave his own and the pastor, before the parents could interfere, baptized him Joseph. He was educated in the public schools and reared on the farm. On December 25, 1861, he was married to Mary H. Yoder, a daughter of Martin and Catharine Hoch Yoder, and a granddaughter of Martin and Susanna Peter Yoder of Oley township, Berks county, Pa. This union was blessed with seven children, of whom Katie, Sallie and Harvey J., died in childhood, and S. Mollie, who was married to Marion Hertzog, was fatally injured in an explosion in Berwin garage at Allentown. Those sill living are Calvin M. DeLong, pastor of the New Goshenhoppen Reformed church, East Greenville, Pa; Elizabeth A., married to Rev. John Baer Stoudt, pastor of Grace Reformed Church, Northampton; and Frederick H., who possesses the old homestead and resides with his mother at Topton. Joseph S. DeLong died February 25, 1896, and his remains were buried on the family plot at DeLong Reformed church, Bower's Pa.

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