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Abiel Abbot Livermore    

PROF. ABIEL ABBOT LIVERMORE, Meadville, was born in Wilton, N. H., October 30, 1811, second son of Jonathan and Abigail (Abbot) Livermore. His grandfather, Jonathan Livermore, was the first minister of the town, and his great-grandfather of the same name reached the age of one hundred years and seven months. Our subject passed his boyhood on the farm, attended the district school, and encountered the usual experiences of a country lad. At the age of fifteen he left home to attend school in Chelmsford, Mass., and afterward was prepared for college at Philipps Academy, Exeter, N. H.; entered Harvard College in 1830, and graduated in 1833. In June, 1883, he celebrated with fourteen of his classmates the fiftieth anniversary of their graduation. The next three years after graduation were passed in the Cambridge Divinity School in preparation for the Christian ministry. After the usual candidating, he was ordained November 2, 1836, over the Congregational Unitarian Church in Keene, N. H. He was married May 17, 1838, to Elizabeth Dorcas Abbot, daughter of Rev. Jacob Abbot, of Windham, N. H., who died

Advertisement from Gazetteer and business directory of Crawford County, Pa. for 1874

in South Boston, Mass., September 13, 1879. Though not blessed with children, several young persons were brought up in their family and were cherished with parental love. Prof. Livermore was invited in 1850, after a happy ministry in Keene, to settle over the Unitarian Church of Cincinnati, Ohio, and he removed to that city in May. In 1856 he was invited to New York to the editorship of the Chistian Inquirer, and at the same time became pastor of the Unitarian Church in Yonkers, N. Y. These offices he filled till 1863, when he was invited to the Presidency of the theological school in Meadville, Penn., which he still holds. The works which Mr. Livermore has published are a “commentary” on the whole New Testament in six volumes, “The Mexican War Reviewed,” a prize essay of the Peace Society, a volume of “Discourses,” “A Marriage Offering,” and occasional sermons, addresses and reviews. The latest publication was in 1884, called “Anti-tobacco.” In looking over the changes and chances of so many years he finds one great lesson written over all his life, of gratitude to God and sympathy with mankind On June 18, 1883, he was married to Mary A. Moore, of Meadville.

History of Crawford County, Pennsylvania: containing a history of the county, its townships, towns, villages, schools, churches, industries, etc., portraits of early settlers and prominent men, biographies, history of Pennsylvania, statistical and miscellaneous matter, Chicago: Warner, Beers & Co., 1885, page 748. View image of this page of the book on line at  Free access  More Crawford County History Books  Search Hundreds of 1880s-1890s Pennsylvania County History Books for biographies and historical information on your ancestors.  View the book page images on line and print them out for your genealogy file!  Free Access to the old history books - plus birth & death records, census images and ALL other records at


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